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DPF Service Page

Emission & Cooling Solutions is the Nations leading independent DPF cleaning facility, offering the widest spectrum of cleaning processes. We are able to complete these services in multiple locations across the South East region. From a simple blast to thermal or liquid cleanings we are able to integrate multiple technologies to meet our customer’s specifications. Our process allows us to service high volume reman work. This has lead us to working with many national fleet accounts. We do this by custom designing Diesel Emissions Management programs based on each companies internal required testing specifications. Whether it is an owner operator truck or a large fleet we would love to do business with you.

Our Process

Pre Clean: Once filters are at the shop they are inspected for visual damage, internal core damage, and stripped fittings. After, filters are tested for differential air flow in order to determine the total soot capacity within the filter before being cleaned. We then weigh the filter allowing us to get an accurate measure of the total soot load.
                                            Level 1 - Blast only

At dealer locations one will find blast only treatment to be the common practice. When strictly blasting one will place filters in a machine that uses air pressure to automatically or manually blast the soot out of the filter. Although an important process in the cleaning cycle when done alone filters will not be fully cleaned.

• Cleans up to 60-70% of new efficiency
• Fast turn around with same day service
• Not Recommended for any filters that are coolant, oil or fuel soaked

Blast Machine

                                                     Level 2 – Thermal

The most common cleaning method combines level 1 and level 2. After pre clean inspections we do a level 1 blast. We then place filters in a keln at the OE approved temperature. During this phase the filters are baked to convert the soot into ash. After the thermal cleaning we repeat a level 1 blast treatment getting the remainder of now ash out.

• Cleans up to 98% new efficiency
• Effective at cleaning all types of DPFs & DOCs including coolant, oil or fuel soaked
Thermal Cleaner
                                                      Level 3 – Liquid

Unlike all other methods of regeneration, the technology of the Flash Cleaner Machine performs the entire DPF cleaning cycle (Washing & Drying) with a single machine. The liquid cleaning works with a certified water-based cleaning system that uses high pressure liquid to remove the soot from the filter. This is many fleets, including Detroit’s, preferred method due to the safer operating conditions for filters with the temperature staying under 300?F. This ensures the recovery of the original efficiency.

• Cleans up to 98% new efficiency
• Effective at cleaning all types of DPFs & DOCs including coolant, oil or fuel soaked
• Great option for medium duty applications (No cutting or welding required)
Flash Cleaner Machine

Post Clean: At every level each filter is tested to meet the OEM differential air flow specification.