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Professional Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Emission and Cooling Solutions in Memphis, Tennessee, provides a process for diesel particulate filter cleaning that helps you avoid the huge costs associated with a complete system replacement. These filters are necessary due to EPA regulations, and our process prevents any damage to ceramic filters.

Installation Options

You remove the complete exhaust system and bring it to CRR, and we remove the DPF that is welded into the exhaust system. After it is removed, the DPF is cleaned using an eight-hour baking process to burn out the soot and return the filter to a reconditioned state. When the cleaning is complete, the filter is both welded back into the system and installed back in the truck, or the filter is put together with a set of flanges that allows for easy removal when it needs to be cleaned again.

Filter Cleaning

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning has become necessary due to the addition of DPF filters to all diesel engines in 2007 as required by the EPA. The filters were added to reduce the particulate matter (PM) that a diesel engine releases into the environment. The PM is the black smoke that is seen coming from a diesel engine, but with the addition of a DPF, the PM is captured and burned in the emissions system. Our DPF cleaning service includes:

• Quick Turnaround Time

• Filter Inspection with Flow Rates
• Completely Cleaned and Ready
  to Install

• Pickup and Delivery

• Discounts on Fleet Accounts
• Gaskets Available – One Stop
• Catalyst/DOC Cleaning

• Retrofit Flange Kits for Dodge™,
  Ford™, and Duramax™

• EGR Cleaning and Testing

Red Truck - Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Blast Cleaning

The filter is tested before for flow, and then blasted multiple times with combined vacuum and air pressure to extract the particulates from the filter. Post blast flow ratings are provided on the invoice. This takes 30 to 60 minutes and is only recommended if time is limited or service interval is shorter than OEM.

Bake/Blast (Preferred)

After blasting, the filter is baked in a special oven where the temperature is increased over a two-hour period, then held at temperature for two hours. The heat is reduced slowly for two hours. This process is necessary to ensure the ceramic filter is not damaged. After the oven is off, it takes two hours to cool down for final blasting and quality check. This process restores the filter to like-new condition in about 10 hours.

OEM Recommended Maximum Service Intervals

Brand Miles Hours
• Cummins™ • 250K • 6K
• Detroit Diesel™ • 330K – 400K • 9K – 11K
• Cat™ • 150K • 4K
• Maxxforce™ • 200K – 250K
• Duramax/GM™ • 100K
• Ford™
• Hino™ • 150K
• Isuzu™ • 150K

• 4K

• VW™ • 20K
• Mitsubishi™ • 65K

DPF and Doc Parts

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