ECS HD Smoke Machine

HD Vapor Pro
High Pressure Leak Detector For Heavy Duty Vehicles

Excessive regen is not only frustrating for drivers and service crews, who don’t want the downtime, but can cause your DPF to fail before it’s time. This results in more downtime and money out to replace DPFs that could have lasted longer. In recent tests, it was determined that 89% of DPFs fail due to upstream component faults.

With the Dinex HD Vapor Pro, designed specifically for heavy duty vehicles, service teams can find the cause of excessive regen before it becomes an issue. The HD Vapor Pro simulates a high-pressure boost load, testing the entire system for faults with the engine safely off.

A video of the Smoke Machine in action!
60” Wand
Cooling System Adaptor
Extra OEM-approved Vapor Producing Fluid
Halogen Inspection Light
Pressure-O2-& Temp Port Adaptors
Smoke Nozzle
Spare Quick Connect Couplers
Two Adaptors: one for block-off and one to seal with smoke pass through tube

In a single, 10-minute procedure, the HD Vapor Pro can reliably detect any high-pressure leak, pinpoint its exact location, and precisely identify failing

  • Specifically for HEAVY DUTY
  • Compact, rugged design that weighs in at only 19 lbs
  • Runs on compressed air
  • Powered by 110-250 VAC or 12 VDC
  • Free of dyes and other contaminants
Cabin leaks
Charge air cooler leaks
Exhaust system leaks
Intake system leaks
Seals, gasket, hoses, fittings, etc.
The cause of dangerous fumes inside the cabin
The root cause of excessive DPF regeneration events
Turbo / boost leaks
Wind and water leaks

Look Deeper: PV = nRT

To see how leaks in upstream pipes affects proper DPF function, we just need to look at the physics. Take a look at the Ideal Gas Law. In a manufactured structure such as a truck exhaust system, there are constants. Gas volume (V), gas mass (n), and gas constant (R) are predetermined by the exhaust makeup. However, pressure (P) and temperature (T) are variables in this system. If the pressure is low due to leaks in the upstream pipe, then the temperature will, by the laws of physics, be lower too.

Regen cannot take place if the system can’t get up to temperature. The system will continue to attempt regen cycles, but won’t be able to complete a regen due to lower temperatures.

Issues Diagnosed by HD Vapor Pro

  • 26% Clamps / Tubing to and from the CAD
  • 17% V-Clamp / Gaskets / Exhaust Tubing Cracks on DOC/SCR
  • 14% Turbo Housing Leaks
  • 11% Charge Air Cooler
  • 9% DPF Gaskets and Housing Failure
  • 8% Blocked Pressure Differential Switch Tubes
  • 6% V-Clamps on Turbo or Cracks
  • 3% Water/Exhaust Intrusion
  • 3% Exhaust Flange Cracks and Gaskets
  • 2% EGR Cooler Coolant Leakage (Pinholes)
  • 1% Intake Gaskets
Chart of data illustrating types of issues diagnosed by the HD Vapor Pro.