Service Summaries 

When we first started cleaning DPF filters in 2010 we committed ourselves to constantly be re-examining our processes and the equipment we used for each process no matter the cost. Since then we have cleaned thousands of filters and come up with an empirical set of processes we offer our customers.


Our most requested process is our tested and proven Thermal Process. With that being said, we have traveled all around the world to places like Italy, Poland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and others looking for the best possible way to keep your trucks on the road. This has given us the opportunity to be one of the first companies in North America to offer this wide of a range of Emission Services. Our most recent implementation is another cutting edge piece of machinery that cleans filters with pure liquid.    

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

As an industry specialist and leader in DPF cleaning, we are committed to bringing our customers the highest level of service and data with our cutting-edge processes. 


We offer: 

• Level 1 Cleaning

• Level 2 Thermal Cleaning 

• Level 3 Liquid Cleaning

• Top Level DPF Renu Cleaning 





• Fleet Specific Programs

• Quick Turnaround Time

• Completely Cleaned and       Ready to Install

• Pickup and Delivery

• New Units


Radiators & Condensers    

At Emission & Cooling Solutions our technicians have as much as 40 years. This allows us to handle anything from small specialty radiators to large industrial units. With a full-service shop, we offer a variety of radiator services to our clients.


We Offer:

•Recore - 1-year warranty 

•Repairing Core Leaks

•Clean & Pressure Tests

•Tank Replacement

•Rod Out 

•New Units from class 3 trucks all the way to class 8 up to 

a lifetime warranty on select units. 


•All Repairs are backed with a 90 Day Warranty 


Charge Air Coolers 

We Offer:

Clean & Pressure Testing

•Repairing Pin Holes

•Cleaning Oil Soaked Coolers 

Gas Tanks

We Offer:

•Major to Minor Repairs

•Cleaning & Relining 

Oil Coolers, Heat Exchanges, and EGR Coolers

We Offer:


•Cleaning and Pressure testing 

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