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Beyond Reman RENU

OE tested, approved, & recommended reman program delivering bottom-line value to all stakeholders

Combining multiple technologies to produce an OE recommended result

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Organic Chemical

Understanding Systems

When it comes to understanding the complete after-treatment system our staff has been working with customers for over 10 years to help them not only implement nationwide after-treatment programs but also ensure they have the tools to understand the overall picture of how the systems work. 

Aftertreatment Assembly

What is RENU?

  • A reman program filling the gap between an OEM replacements and a local cleaner 

  • Implemented nationwide in multiple of the nations top 10 largest fleets

  • Allowing customers the option for remans on all makes/models

  • Data-driven and backed results

  • Program-wide results of less than 5% failure rates

DOC Before and After RENU

Key Attributes

Multiple Technologies are brought together giving filters the most comprehensive program  available on the market

  • 12 Unique inspection points are done on every filter

  • RENU facilities in various states serving the entire US

  • 24HR turnaround time

  • Never see a core charge again on a reman filter. No chasing paperwork

  • Customers maintain their cores 

What if a filter fails?

  • With over 100 new DPF and DOC PN's in stock over 8 warehouses across the nation, we make sure to keep your truck's overall downtime as short as possible

  • Additionally, we stock OE clamps and gasket kits that can be boxed with each DPF RENU process

  • Dropshipping available on parts all across the country

  • Discontinued Reman?
    In 2020 Cummins discontinued the RECON program. Starting in 2022 they have now approved DPF RENU to fill this gap giving customers the ability to purchase RENU filters on all makes & model trucks.
  • ROI
    Using a data-driven approach, we show you how much you will spend on after-treatment programs without us, then calculate how much you can save with us. We know the importance of providing you with data to rationalize your time and money investment.
  • Tired of core charges?
    No core charge when you use DPF Renu. Imagine those savings fleet-wide
  • Core Integrity
    Never settle for an unknown core. RENU ensures you receive the same core you sent in. No nonsense
  • Red Tagged Filters?
    Failed an FSX machine test? We can bring them back to life
  • Training
    We want you to understand the after-treatment system and make informed decisions about the solutions you choose. To that end, our staff is constantly learning and reviewing data, then turning that knowledge into training our staff brings to you
  • Quantifying Cost
    Time for data-driven solutions, that allow you to make informed, accurate, decisions
Quality to Price Chart
RENU Chart

Private Label Programs

Renu Box 2
Renu Box 1

RENU partners with dealers to build all make & model preventative maintenance programs for their customers. These programs allow end-users to be able to retain their core integrity, track and understand their overall emission cost, and finally be able to understand the state of their fleet's after-treatment systems as a whole.

Ready to get your program started?

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Significantly reduced failure rates.
Single source data collection

Combining multiple technologies to produce an OE recommended result​

Save up to 50% over OE reman using your own cores

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