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ECS provides solutions to your fleet, regardless of the brand, in a forward-thinking, economical way. When time is of the essence, our nationwide team will get you back on the road.

Emission Repairs

Don't let minor damages cost you thousands in repairs.

We repair the following daily in our shops:

Damaged Bungs / Fittings

Re-tap or replace.

Minor Ceramic Damage

Ceramic repairs available.

Core Shifting

We will reseat the core in its original location, then add retention rings to stop movement.

Sealing Surface Damage

We can fix gasket surfaces, assuring a proper seal.


Our tested, approved, and recommended Renu process combines multiple technologies to produce an OE recommended result. Learn more.

The below are criteria that make you a great candidate for DPF Renu:


Red Tagged Filters

Failed an FSX machine test? We can bring them back to life.

OEM Reman Discontinued...

2020 strikes again. This service is no longer available... or DPF Renu fills the gap and once again supplies this option.

Core Integrity

Our Renu process ensures you receive the same core you sent in. No nonsense.

Tired of Core Charges?

No core charge when you do a DPF Renu. Imagine those savings fleet-wide.

Inconsistent Service?

How about a nationwide single source program for your fleet?

After-Treatment Cost Data

Time for data-driven solutions, that allow you to make informed, accurate, decisions.

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