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Don't let minor damages cost you thousands in replacements

Available on both standard filters & Oneboxes

Detroit One Box
Volvo One Box

Volvo OneBox

Minor Ceramic Damage?

Minor Chip? Let us re-surface the core. 

Sealing Surface Damage?

Gasket surfaces inspected and repaired, assuring a proper seal allowing for required airflow. 

Core Shifting?

We will reseat the core in its original location, then add retention rings to stop the movement in the future.

Damaged Bung/Fitting?

When sensors are seized or technicians have stripped fittings we will re-tap or Replace them.

OneBox Form

Fill out the form below giving us some info on the one box you will be sending in. We will follow up with you and send you a prepaid shipping label to get your boxed serviced at either our Memphis or Nashville RENU centers. 

Do you hear rattling on the box?
Are you doing a standard PM on the truck?
Do your DOC/DPF temps meet or exceed the info listed?

Thanks for submitting!

Temperature Explanation
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